Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Finally I'm in London, so nice to be back.....I miss living here, Ive lived here most my life so i still sort of consider this my home.
Cant wait to go explore the shops...portobello road all the vintage shops Harvey Nichol's and last but not least my favorite shop in the world Top shop oxford street....LOVE it!!
The music scene here is so good as well i always get so much inspiration here...there must be something in the air.

When i arrived my sister had made an amazing dinner for me. I'm staying at here lovely boyfriends house, Its a mews house in the heart of Chelsea...they call it the nest as there are three other guidos living here as well...
Now I'm of to bed as i have a long day tomorrow. I'm getting up early to go to the gym with my sister "aqua size" then I'm meeting the dancers for my video, to rehearse.

Sweet dreams....


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