Thursday, May 13, 2010

Power shower...

Power shower…
Just finished of a long power shower as I call them, its when I sit on the floor of the shower and reflect all the tings that happened last night….nothing makes me feel better than water, running water it has such an calming effect on me. Whenever I am down or when I get anxiety about something I take to the shower!

Any way last night was fun it started of with a great dinner party at a friends house, then on to some clubs and quickly realizing there where way to many people out as it’s a holiday today.
I hate when there are to many people in a club if I could chose I would rather it be empty and me and my friends could have the hole place for ourselves…..

Me in a club...not last night thouge but i love this picture and im whering my favorite t-shirt from top shop.


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