Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My life in a nutshell...

Hello my lovely lovely readers...Today is one of those days where I feel I want to explain a bit about my life!!
My life in nutshell…. some days or periods I have lots to do and everything is planed and some periods less.
Its on the times where I have less to do, I have to keep my head held high and stay strong... keep myself motivated and focused.
I decided at an early age to follow my dream and pursue singing as a career. Music is and has always been my passion and I believe you can do anything you want to if you put your mind to it. (And a little bit of talent)
OK, so I didn't chose the easiest path in life, the competition is fierce and the industry is hard...but through the years I have learned allot, traveled the world, worked with different producers, songwriters and experienced a hole lot...but there have of course, been some bumps along the way (some dodgy people and empty promises)…. but I guess that was expected, nobody said it would be easy…
When you tell some one you want to be a world famous singer/songwriter…. There first reaction is usually dream on or "Do you have any idea how hard it is" with a smug smile on there face… Yes, of curse its hard, everything is but if you work hard enough it will pay off.
The hardest thing about the industry is that you keep putting yourself out there hoping and waiting, set yourself out to be loved or criticized.
It is wired with music some like that some like the other some like none…and that in it self is confusing, so when I write my songs I do what I like... and hope someone else will like it to!
Now I know, I have a big dream and it is close to impossible to make it… but I have never been close to giving up.
Life is to short, not to pursue the things you want…Even thought there are of course some nights where I cry myself to sleep, I know tomorrow is a new day a new opportunity and you only live once so, make the best out of it!
I am not complaining about my life…its great…I have my health a great family and friends…. and I guess you could call me lucky in many ways for even having a chance to pursue my dream.
I just did my first music video and have almost completed an album with lovely Hank and his team and on the side I take extra commercial and voice jobs and I also do some styling.
Basically I try to keep myself occupied, disciplined, focus and inspired on my off days!!

The reason my blog is called teardrops to diamonds is because its a lyric from one of my songs (Eyes open) and it means hopefully one day the teardrops I’ve cried will turn to diamonds and that it was all worth setting my goals high in the end… I also hope to motivate people to follow their dreams and never give up.
I know if I didn't do it… there would always be a hole in my soul… I’ll leave you with one of my songs Its about never giving up and to be the best you can be…Hope you like…. xxx


The Styleograph said...

Damn I really like ur attidude...thats why most people will never make it...they just give up or do not follow their dream...keep ur work up...was a pleasure to meet u

Anonymous said...

Really liked your song, keep up the good work!

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