Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"I'll Keep It With Mine"

Purple nails and lots of rings..

Love you...

Good afternoon....I got up really early today to get to a meeting and after taking a way to long shower, I realized I had no idea where my hair dryer was and I was already running late...So I had to rush out of the door with wet hair, and that is probably the worst thing I know..especially for a casting!
Apart from that its been a good day...Yesterday was a record for my blog, I had about 1600 readers and that makes me soooo happy!!!
I would love you to do some more commenting though and I would love some feed back on what you find interesting and whats boring...so i can improve..Pace and Love..


Moving...I hate moving. I Feel like I have spent the hole year moving around and living in a suitcase.
Finally, yesterday we moved in to our new house(where i will hopefully stay for a while now)..
Its not really finished renovated yet, but it feels good to settle in some where even if i don't have any closets yet!! There are literally clothes everywhere and a lot of sorting out needs to be done!!

Yesterdays outfit...It was so cold yesterday, I had to put my winter jacket on when I went for dinner...It even smelt like winter...I'm so sad the summer is over for real now! Sucks!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Show me some attitude..

Sound of silence..

My head hurts on Sundays...

I have been in such a shitty mood all day..My head hurts and I have had to pack all my belongings as I'm moving flat tomorrow! Sucks!! I also can't decide if I'm gonna go out tonight, its the closing night of F12 and lots of good people are playing...Decisions, decisions...Anyhow, here are some pics from Yesterday!