Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sleepless In London..

Cant sleep!...just woke up and its 3.00 am. I'm absolutely exhausted, but for some reason I cant sleep...It helps that I'm in a hotel room with the most amazing view over London..its beautiful, I could sit and steer for hour's...
Tonight is my last night in London and it feels like an end of an era.
I came here with a small suit case, expecting to be here for about a week. Now four weeks later, allot of work and a hectic life style I'm still here and I'm defiantly ready to go home!
Its been very fun, but London is exhausting. Everything is so big and far away and as I don't really live here, its been hard for me to completely relax...
I'm sorry if I've been bad with the blogging, its just been allot to do and to little time. Tomorrow its back to a normal life style and a bigger selection of clothes to keep my outfits updated!!! I Love you London and I cant wait to see you again, your the most beautiful city in the world and you inspire me...

Peace and Love


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