Thursday, October 28, 2010

Running scared..

Today I sort of bummed around the house postponing the 15 KM walk/jog.. I'm doing every day out here...Knowing it was stupid as it gets dark really early here...And its really scary when your 5km into the woods with no people and no roads and a long way back... The trees start looking like monsters (yes I have a vivid imagination) and I start hearing non existing noises...
Around 5.10 I left the house for my daily walk.
It started OK, but of course it became darker and darker...So i ran faster and faster...Singing the sound of music (the hills are alive) from the top of my try to keep all the scary animals away. There are actually a lot of wolfs here!! Then I started to think about the fact that its Halloween..I don't even know what that means..but I know its scary and involves witches!! So, that started to freak me out.
The run must of been the fastest run I've ever done In my life and my adrenalin was pumping. Leeroy could hardly keep up!!...Its safe to say I've never been so scared in my life and i really out did my fitness level!! I made it Home alive.. Just when it got really dark!! But I really thought i wouldn't!!
Now I'm absolutely beat...So I'm gonna have a steam to loosen my muscle's and then go to bed!
Sleep tight...I now I will!!


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