Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Your body is your temple..

Just woke up with the freezing fresh country side air...
While I'm here I've decided to cleanse my body and get rid of all toxins, poisons and bad energy that a hectic life style will give you!!
Start the day with hot water with lemon and a long walk..Drinking lots of water during the day is really important, to flush out all the toxins and keep you hydrated. Also I'm going to have a 60min massage to get rid of all tenseness in my back and shoulder's and after that do some stretching, While my muscle's are still warm...Then steam for 20-40 min. Adding a face and hair mask is great to!!
Freshly squeezed juice. Drink only juice and water for the entire day.
I promise a 24 hour detox, cleanse will leave you feeling lighter, stronger, more focused and fresher, as if your insides have been recharged.
I do not believe in diets.. but a cleanse from time to time will make you feel so much better.
Feeling good physically makes you feel so much better mentally....try it!


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